Mounting CephFS From Multiple Clusters to a Single Machine using FUSE

For my new homelab cluster I’ve built up a fresh Ceph filesystem to store certain chunks of my data and found the need to mount both to one of my nodes. Normally I use ceph-fuse through /etc/fstab, so I simply modified with the following.

root@storage:~# grep fuse /etc/fstab
none	/mnt/storage/ceph	fuse.ceph,ceph.conf=/etc/ceph/ceph.conf,_netdev,defaults  0 0
none	/mnt/storage/ceph-old	fuse.ceph,ceph.conf=/etc/ceph-old/ceph.conf,_netdev,defaults  0 0

The /etc/ceph-old/ is a copy of my config files from the older cluster. In the /etc/ceph-old/ceph.conf file I added the following, since the keyring for the that cluster is not in the default path.

keyring = /etc/ceph-old/ceph.client.admin.keyring

Anytime the ceph.conf from the old cluster is used so is the old keyring and the cluster mounts up just fine.

Filesystem     Type            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
ceph-fuse      fuse.ceph-fuse  100T   91T  9.4T  91% /mnt/storage/ceph-old

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