Activating Logical Volume on IO-Memory Device at Startup (Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic)

For awhile I’ve had a problem with OSDs living on an fio device failing to start automatically after a reboot. The logical volume sitting on the device was not starting, eventually I checked udev.

The line to modify lives in lives in /lib/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage.rules.

KERNEL!="loop*|mmcblk*[0-9]|msblk*[0-9]|mspblk*[0-9]|nvme*|sd*|sr*|vd*|xvd*|bcache*|cciss*|dasd*|ubd*|scm*|pmem*|nbd*", GOTO="persistent_storage_end"

add fio* to the end of the list:

KERNEL!="loop*|mmcblk*[0-9]|msblk*[0-9]|mspblk*[0-9]|nvme*|sd*|sr*|vd*|xvd*|bcache*|cciss*|dasd*|ubd*|scm*|pmem*|nbd*|fio*", GOTO="persistent_storage_end"

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