Wainlux K6: Windows Driver and Application Download

First, let me start by saying just how much I dislike the software and website behind this machine; not only is finding the driver and software hard but the drivers fail to enable the USB to UART bridge and the company fails to redirect to working drivers. With that said here is what you need to make the device work on Windows 10.

  1. You’ll want the Silicon Labs USB to UART bridge driver.
  2. The jar file for their application and a copy of java which is bundled (!?): http://www.wainlux.com/download/K6Windows.rar

In order to run the application run cmd as administrator. I use Windows+R, then type cmd, and to run as administrator press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Switch directory using cd C:\diao\bin\ and run the command java -jar diao.jar.

The application will start at this point and you should be able to work with the device properly. Good luck.

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  1. Hi there! Do you happen to have a current link available? I am searching for this forever now and came across this page, but unfortunately neither the link in the article itself nor the one here in the comments is working anymore 🙁

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